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Hi! I'm Kira. I grew up in Boston, live in Los Angeles, and work professionally designing, building, and fixing custom websites. I care deeply about the quality of the work I produce, as well as my clients' experience throughout the entire process.

If you're looking for website help, I'd love to hear from you!

Project » Tutor CRM

Screenshot collage of CRM website I designed and coded

Tutor CRM - Details

This CRM (customer relationship management) platform enables tutoring businesses to manage their employees and clients. Each tutoring organization can create an account, add employees, add clients, schedule tutoring sessions, and stay on top of their business operations and client relationships. Individual employees and clients can create accounts to manage their own information and schedules.

Key requirements for the website:

  • User account creation, data storage, and permissions management
  • Scheduling system that allows tutors to manage one-time and recurring tutoring sessions using a built-in calendar
  • Authorization controls that ensure that users' information remains secure
  • Ability to assign clients to groups and associate clients with one another, so that clients belonging to specific groups or attending the same event can be contacted and assisted together as well as individually
  • Client address book enabling tutoring businesses to keep track of current and potential clients and information
  • Great website performance (quick data storage and retrieval, fast page loads, and a seamless user experience)
  • Adherence to accessibility standards to ensure the website is easily usable by anyone