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Hi! I'm Kira. I grew up in Boston, live in Los Angeles, and work professionally designing, building, and fixing custom websites. I care deeply about the quality of the work I produce, as well as my clients' experience throughout the entire process.

If you're looking for website help, I'd love to hear from you!

Project » Coolony Game

Screenshot collage of online game website I designed and coded

Coolony Game - Details

This website was for a cute, collaborative virtual pet game with an ant theme, where players join a colony and work together in real-time. Chat and forum features allow users to discuss the game and be creative with art, writing, and graphics.

Key requirements for the website:

  • An attractive design with nice graphics and a smooth user experience, geared towards a creative and potentially younger audience
  • Gameplay that allows users to create and customize their own ant characters and interact with other players
  • Chat and forum features that enable users to communicate with one another and share their creative work
  • Ability to create and join colonies, where users can work together in real-time to complete tasks and earn rewards
  • Customizable user profiles that allow users to share information about themselves and their interests
  • Accessibility features that ensure that anyone can play
  • Game mechanic where ant characters' abilities and resources accumulate and decay even when the player is offline